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Awesome Possum Events connects people with different expertise and those who seek a wider understanding of their environment and society.

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Our Goal

To bring influential thinkers, creators and doers together..

Our Belief

Sharing and exchanging knowledge will bring monumental change. We create and provide the opportunities for people and corporations to have discussions that create value and solve challenges.

Our Social Mission

To encourage long-term solutions that enable people from everywhere to live enriching lives in sustainable ways. Although our immediate beneficiaries may be the crazy ones who see things differently, we aspire to ideas that help the world.

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Behind every great company is its heart & soul.

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Gary Ow

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Coreen Kuo

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Awesome Possum Events clinches award.

Awesome Possum Events,a Singapore-based events company, has been recognised as an SGBA50 Winner for Event Innovation and for New Product Innovation in The Singapore Green Business Awards 2017.

Awesome Possum Events starts new social initiative.

Awesome Possum Event's new Social Enterprise Initiative engages with the nonprofit, for-profit, and public sectors to generate and share resources, tools and knowledge.

Awesome Possum Events contributes to Notre-Dame Rebuilding Fund.

Updates available soon.

Awesome Possum Events secures new premises

Updates available soon.

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Our response time is one business day. If it’s urgent, please call (65) 900-66-830 or (65) 965-74-736

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